Sunday, May 4, 2014

Organizing my digital life #hashtag

I have too much stuff. I think that I am making up for not having the newest and best toys as a child by buying things now as an adult. Worse of all, I refuse to be a fan-boy. So, I have a Windows XP Desktop, a Windows ME Laptop, a Windows 7 Laptop, a Windows 8 Desktop, a Kindle, a Kindle Fire, an iPod, iPad and an iPhone.

Thinking about hardware for a moment...
I have my Windows 8 desktop because I was tired of having to unpack my laptop all of the time. Plus, on the off chance that I break my laptop, I still need a computer. It's the back-up. Furthermore, I want to learn the new software so that there is less of a culture shock when I eventually have to replace my laptop with a device running Windows 9.
I have my Windows 7 laptop because it is my portable office. I use it as my primary computer at school and at work. I used to play games on it, but now it is my e-mailing and document creating device.
I have my Windows ME Laptop because it is the only computer that I own that will run "Lords of the Realm 2".
I have my Windows XP desktop because it reminds me of the idyllic days of my youth.
I have a Kindle because it is the best device for reading books.
I have a Kindle Fire because it was on sale. It's a great device for watching media. It's portable enough that I can carry it around easily.
I have an iPod because I like to listen to music and, in particular, the radio.
I have an iPad because I use it to teach when using Doceri.
I have an iPhone because I wanted a small smartphone with a good camera and I didn't want to learn a new OS (Sorry Android).

I also have five e-mail address, four of which I use on a daily basis. I have an Apple ID, Microsoft Account and a couple of Google accounts. I have a Dropbox, Skydrive and an Amazon Cloud Drive.

Returning to my purpose for writing this document, does anyone have software suggestions for a new Windows 8 PC?

28 Days Later #hashtag

I miss blogging. I need to go work on my E-Portfolio or plan another week of lessons.