Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go blue #hashtag

Saw part of this on Sportscenter. Go Blue.

Sequel #hashtag

I found this.

I wonder how long my students would tolerate me starting each day with the learning objectives written in the crawl. . . "Episode XCVII: the Inscribe Angle Theorem"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wiles Tangent #hashtag

Andrew Wiles quotation:
This [Fermat's Last Theorem] was my childhood passion. There’s nothing to replace that. I had this very rare privilege of being able to pursue in my adult life what had been my childhood dream. I know it’s a rare privilege, but if you can tackle something in adult life that means that much to you, then it’s more rewarding than anything imaginable. Having solved this problem there’s certainly a sense of loss, but at the same time there is this tremendous sense of freedom. I was so obsessed by this problem that for eight years I was thinking about it all the time – when I woke up in the morning to when I went to sleep at night. That’s a long time to think about one thing. That particular odyssey is over. My mind is at rest.
Good advice for life. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Organizing my digital life 2 #hashtag

In an earlier post I wrote about the overflow of technology surrounding me. Having spent more time with thew new Windows (8.1) I have come to a conclusion. Windows 8.1 isn't bad. I've gotten used to the start screen and I like it better than the start menu of the past. That only problem with it is apps. The problem isn't with the third party apps. It's the Microsoft Apps that are terrible. The combination of Internet Explorer and the Reading List app make a great combination. Everything else is garbage.

Aside from games and news apps which occasionally freeze (see video), there is the hugely disappointing Mail and Calendar apps. Firstly, the calendar app does not synchronize with Google Calendar, which makes in completely useless. Secondly, the mail app just stops working. Every couple of weeks Mail will just stop receiving new messages. I have to wait a few days for the the app to start working again or try deleting and adding my account anew. The frustrating part is that my Google Account works flawlessly with the native mail and calendar applications on my iOS devices. It is a strange world we live in in which Apple plays well with other companies and my PC has become tied to one monolithic corporation.

Here is some video of the Bing News App and Bing Sports App not working. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rise of the Machines #hashtag

Pre-reading: Wired: The Bro App and Buy the Bro App (This is not an endorsement)

One of the benefits to a slow job hunt and a lack of graduate level classes is the freedom to read for pleasure. I cam across this article while trying to get the "Wired" App to work on my Kindle. Technology affects that way that we live and interact with other people. The way that it affects us is still difficult to evaluate. As I see, there are two possible scenarios. Firstly, technology helps us create more connections with people. Conversely, technology has the potential to replace connections with other people.

The latter idea is described in the article. In my own life, it reminds me of Facebook birthday reminders. Back in the days of my youth, when I was a regular Facebook user, I felt guilty wishing people a happy birthday on Facebook. If I didn't remember your birthday without prompting, aren't I just faking it? If I don't care enough about you to actually remember your birthday why should send a message? In this case, there is the idea that I am using technology to perpetuate the lie that someone else matters to me.

On the other hand, sometimes I forget birthdays because I don't know what day it is. When prompted, I can remember an important person's birthday. That problem is that I don't know what today's date is (This is a more common occurrence during the summer months when entire weeks blur together). There is also the matter of precision. There are a few friends of mine whose birthday I sort of know. I have a friend whose birthday is at the end of February. I know what week it is. I know that I will have dinner with that person to celebrate that person's birthday. However, the exact date is something at which I would have to guess. Now, traveling back to the circa 1970 technology, I could get by mailing a birthday card. If it arrives a few days late or a few days early I can blame it letter carrier. The instantaneous travel of text messages is less forgiving. Perhaps there is room for some electronic reminders.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Wayne plan for countywide school tax divisive

I really thought that this was a good idea until I read the line where one administrator said money would be spent on ". . . security measures such as structural changes to windows and doors and adding locks and cameras. . ." What a waste.