Saturday, July 19, 2014

Organizing my digital life 2 #hashtag

In an earlier post I wrote about the overflow of technology surrounding me. Having spent more time with thew new Windows (8.1) I have come to a conclusion. Windows 8.1 isn't bad. I've gotten used to the start screen and I like it better than the start menu of the past. That only problem with it is apps. The problem isn't with the third party apps. It's the Microsoft Apps that are terrible. The combination of Internet Explorer and the Reading List app make a great combination. Everything else is garbage.

Aside from games and news apps which occasionally freeze (see video), there is the hugely disappointing Mail and Calendar apps. Firstly, the calendar app does not synchronize with Google Calendar, which makes in completely useless. Secondly, the mail app just stops working. Every couple of weeks Mail will just stop receiving new messages. I have to wait a few days for the the app to start working again or try deleting and adding my account anew. The frustrating part is that my Google Account works flawlessly with the native mail and calendar applications on my iOS devices. It is a strange world we live in in which Apple plays well with other companies and my PC has become tied to one monolithic corporation.

Here is some video of the Bing News App and Bing Sports App not working. Enjoy.

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