Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi-Day! #hashtag

Happy Pi-day.
I scheduled this to post at 1:59 in the morning, so the date and time should read 3/14 1:59AM.
Next year, I could schedule something to post at 3/14/15 9:26AM

Let's look at some pi. . .

The World Record for memorizing digits of pi is held by Lu Chao who memorized the first 67,890 digits of pi. So far, I have the first 8 digits. I am working on more. As soon as I get beyond the first 11 digits, I should beat out most scientific calculators. So, after that I can start making up digits to impress people.

Both P and pi are the sixteenth letter of their respective alphabets (English and Greek).

Albert Einstein, Billy CrystalMichael Caine, and Taylor Hanson were all born on Pi Day. That is probably the only sentence you will ever read in which Albert Einstein and Taylor Hanson appear in the same sentence.

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