Sunday, October 13, 2013

Capzles (ED504) #hashtag

I am not entirely sure if this counts as "One posting on a 504-inspired or related topic of your choosing" so that is why I gave the double label. I'm sure I'll write another posting that is a better example of something related to 504, but just I've given this one the (ED504) designation just in case I only post distracting content.

I made a Capzles!

Given the bugs that cropped up during the Capzles presentation, I was thinking that perhaps Capzles wasn't useful for educational purposes. My attempts to sign up for Capzles were foiled for the entire week after the presentation. Eventually, it worked and I was able to create my Capzles.

Every day that I bring my camcorder to school, I take a picture of my flower. Over the course of the first few weeks, I saw her slowly start to die. However, she was only mostly dead and since I have adjusted the watering system, she looks much better. She has lost all of her flowers, but, for the first time in a while, I am optimistic that she might survive the school year.

Horticulture aside, how did Capzles work? It was a little bit slow. Every click seemed to take a while to respond. However, I was able to upload my pictures all at once and they were arranged by date; that part went really quickly. It was just when I had to go in and label the pieces and write a description that things bogged down again. Also, the spell-checker in Chrome did not work while I was writing in the description box, so I am sure that everything I wrote is probably only partially legible.

After being able to play around with the tool, I could see a few applications. In science class, if students had to do a long term project that involved watching something grow, Capzles offers an easy way to automatically arrange files by date. Also, it was easy to scroll through the photos and see my plant get worse and then get better. If students were working on a history project and they could get a collection of photographs of the same place over time, then Capzles would offer a powerful way of presenting that information. The strength of Capzles is that it sorts items by date and it allows for an easy side-by-side comparison of images. There are some things that Capzles does well, even if integrating file types besides pictures and music doesn't seem to work.

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