Monday, October 14, 2013

Digital Footprints #hashtag

I got my first e-mail address on May 16, 1997. I used it through high school and college until I finally got my current Gmail account. I recently tried to delete the account and was unsuccessful. I signed in and searched but could not find instructions about how to delete the account. So, somewhere on the internet, there is a Juno e-mail address with an embarrassing username that will send e-mails to me (for the next sixty days until the account goes inactive again). 

So I started searching for what other items I have left hanging around the internet. I found a Yahoo! account and deleted that. I found my webpage and I'm working on deleting that. I found my LiveJournal account and I am saving a personal copy of that and then deleting the account. It is just a matter of going out there and making that digital footprint a little smaller.

If you are interested in searching for someone, check into Spokeo or Pipl. It is also good for finding out accounts that you might still have floating around.

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