Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stories of a Stranger Track 2, by OAR #hashtag

I particularly enjoy coming up with cryptic titles. I wonder if anyone will figure this title out.

I read this article about memory. There were a few things that seemed worth writing about. The first was that memories are still malleable. Every time that we remember something, it changes just a little bit. That is why it helps to keep a journal or perhaps a blog. It reminds us of what really was, rather than how we see things from a distance. It is a bit sad to think that the way we remember things isn't exactly how they really happened. Perhaps the happiest moments in my life weren't all that great. Hopefully some of my happy memories are real.

The other point, was a description of the someone with a 'superior autobiographical memory' (a really good memory). The authors describes the subject: "As Healy got older, he realized that painful events that happened 20 or 30 years ago would come back to him with the same emotional intensity, as if he were reliving those moments again, like when he pledged a fraternity in college but did not get in because he was heavyset and shy. Or when he was let go from his first job out of college after just two months."

Although I am far from having a superior autobiographical memory, I find that my above average memory is still a pain as often as a benefit. Whereas people with below average memories tend to forget the things that they would rather remember, I have the tendency to remember the things that I would rather forget. With spaced repetition, it becomes much easier to remember things. If only there were an effective strategy for forgetting.

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