Saturday, October 25, 2014


Back in the day, I remember being amazed when I saw the bat-computer in "Batman Returns" (The picture is from the Tim Burton's "Batman", which I was just too young to see when it was new). Batman had a computer that could search through all sorts of records. It had dozens of monitors. Wait, wait. Not only monitors, but color monitors. It was amazing. At the time, we had a computer that looked something like this.
I still remember monochrome computer monitors (mono = "one", chrome = "color"). The internet was years away. Our computer games were on these big floppy disks (the ones that were actually floppy). We used "Word Perfect" to type documents. There was no mouse!
A couple weekends ago, I took a look at my computer set up. I was working on some files that were saved on my old personal laptop. I pulled out the iPad just to make the picture complete. I'm catching up to you Batman.

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