Sunday, August 24, 2014

The bag #hashtag

I read this article and was not impressed. So, I took out the contents of my travel laptop bag and spread them out over the floor to take an inventory.

Here is everything that I have in my laptop bag, going from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.
  • Generic 6-plug power strip.
  • Kindle Fire video kit (Micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable and Micro-USB cable for power)
  • White Monster Microfiber screen cleaning cloth.
  • Apple Laptop power adapter.
  • Blue USB 3.0 cable in bag.
  • iPad 2 with green cover.
  • Black HP Laptop power adapter.
  • Black Mini HDMI-to-HDMI Cable in bag.
  • Black Micro USB and white Kindle Power Adapter.
  • Mini DisplayPort to VGA converter in bag.
  • 'Stardust' DVD.
  • Kindle Fire with stylus and case.
  • 100 Index Cards.
  • Powder blue javelin pen.
  • VGA and 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • Green HDMI cable.
  • Female 3.5 mm audio to male stereo RCA cable.
  • Male 3.5 mm audio to male stereo RCA cable.
  • 3 sets of plastic silverware, napkin, salt and pepper.
  • If... (Volume 2)
  • JVC earbuds.
  • Roll of pre-1982 pennies.
  • Smooshed bite-size Milky Way Dark.
  • 1GB SD Card in case.
  • Peter Griffin USB drive.
  • 8GB Sandisk flash drive.
  • 4GB Geek Squad flash drive.
  • 2GB Sony flash drive (compatible with Windows 98).
  • Sandisk MobileMate (SD/Micro/mini Card reader).
  • Green Lighting-to-USB cable.
  • White Apple 30-pin to USB cable.
  • Gray Mini USB cable.
  • Black Ethernet cable.
  • 15.6' HP Laptop.
  • Logitec corded mouse.
  • Star Wars playing cards.
  • Empty Altoids container.
  • 12-inch ruler.
  • Compass.
  • Bag spare styli.

Typically, I don't take the Kindle Fire and the iPad with me when I travel; I take one or the other. Sometimes my Sony Camcorder gets wedged inside the bag, too. Not pictured is the iPhone 4s and Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic that I carry around in my pocket. For a while, I also had a Kill-a-watt and a sound pressure meter in the bag, too.

On a completely unrelated note, my laptop bag is falling apart. I have looked for replacements, but I have yet to find one that is sufficiently large.

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