Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Scattered #hashtag

I have a sticky note on my desktop with a bunch of random thoughts. I am now clearing out that sticky note. Feel free to comment on any item or ask questions if you would like to discuss any of the topics.

This video never fails to make me laugh. The language is PG.

In math, the word "distribute" means to multiply. In economics, the same words means to divide.

"Do well (adverb), Do good (noun)"

Just because you don't ask a question doesn't mean you don't want to know the answer.

There is a difference between aspirations (hopes) and expectations (thoughts).

There is a difference between being bright and being smart. Being bright means that someone picks up new things quickly. Bring smart is what someone is capable of learning. Not everyone is bright, but anyone can choose to be smart.

I wonder what percentage of students are independent learners. That is to say that they would show up to school and teach themselves even if there was no attendance and no grades.

I wonder what percentage of American students qualify for free or reduced price school lunches.

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