Wednesday, August 14, 2013

STATS: Random Connections (Part 4 of Many) #hashtag

Beyond the demographic information, there were a couple of connections I found in the ways that people answered their questions.
There was a group that sort of fits this cycle. It is not surprising that people who would prefer to write would enjoy doing the 649 paper. Also, people who really liked 649 might have a natural affinity for M+Box, since we used M+Box most often in that class. What was interesting is that these people preferred to wake up early and were significantly more likely to pay for a Coke than drink the free Pepsi in the Brandon Center.

There was one another connection that stuck out. The joke goes that country music is about dogs and pick-up trucks. Well, people that like country music tend to like dogs.
On the other hand, people that like rap music ("gangstas") were evenly split between cats and dogs. Somewhere, there is a joke about Snoop Dogg, I just haven't been able to come up with it yet.

When it came to answering questions, no two people were identical. Looking at the twenty-one questions where people choose there answers, there are a possible 2,097,152 combinations, so it's not surprising that no two people answered the same way. However, there were two pairs of interns who agreed on eighteen out of twenty-one questions. Maize-STEM-Young-Elsewhere(18:08) and Maize-STEM-Elder-U-M(13:12) only disagreed on whether to summarize Lakin or write an Advocacy later, the best way to take notes and their preference for exams over essays. In the Blue Cohort there was a pair of Blue-Humanities-Young-Elsewhere(15:17) and Blue-STEM-Young-U-M(23:41) who only disagreed about the best way to take notes, the more interesting exhibit at the natural history museum and the best way to upload homework, but agreed on everything else.

I think I've extracted all the interesting connections from the data that I collected. I hope you enjoyed the journey. If you have any questions about the data or analysis, feel free to make a comment or drop me an e-mail. Also, if there are any questions you would like to be included in the another survey, let me know and I'll see if we can start collecting the next batch of stats.


  1. __I think we can be reasonably certain that the ambivalence between dogs and cats for us Gs has to do with the way that Snoop Dogg evolved into ... Snoop Lion *Cue Pokemon music*.
    __I am also very proud that our group can be broken into Smurfs vs. Cornhort and Gangstas vs. Hillbillies. I think the latter would make an interesting old-west Daniel Craig film.
    __I'll see if I can contribute to the next volley of questions.

  2. I admit it. I'm the Hillbilly that likes kitties. I had no idea I was such an anomaly...