Monday, August 19, 2013

Recycling #hashtag

In an earlier blog I tried to Google myself. If I search for "gregnmath blog" there are now five results, all of which are about me. One of them is actually someone else mentioning my blog. Unfortunately, Google searches for "Greg Math Blog" still take to you to my slightly more popular rival Mr. Mankiw. Still, we're gaining ground. On the other hand, searching for "gregnmath blog" on Bing leads to Greg Tang Math with no mention of my blog in the top couple of pages. I am not too disappointed about the Bing results. According to Alexa, Bing ranks well behind Google is useage. In fact, Google India is ahead of Bing. 

In other news, my attempts to relearn how to speak Russian might have been unnecessary. Since I made the post joking about the surprising number of Russian "visitors", page views from the motherland have collapsed. It looks like now I would be better off learning Dutch. чепуха.

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