Sunday, July 28, 2013

From Russia with Love #hashtag

I have been checking out the stats for my page under the dashboard. I am confused. I understand why people from China might visit my website. There are a billion people there. One or two are bound to accidentally stumble through Great Firewall and find my page. The fact that the plurality of my visitors come from Russia, well, that is a riddle wrapped inside of a mystery inside of an enigma.

Luckily, all is not lost. Я изучал Русский язык. (I did that from memory!). Sorry ED504 folks, from here on out, all blog posts will be written in Russian to better meet the needs of my growing international audience. Unfortunately, aside from saying 'Hi', 'Bye" and telling people my name, I don't remember much else from Russian class. The only two phrases that come to mind are Я люблю тебя and Она/Ты красивия. Mind you, those are the two most important things to be able tell someone, but they are hardly something to build a blog around.
Google Translate


  1. What do those phrases mean? Because now I want to build a blog around them.

  2. Written: Я люблю тебя
    Sounds like: "Ya lew-blue teb-ya"
    Means: I love you

    Written: Она красивия
    Sounds like: "Ana kra-siv-iya"
    Means: She is beautiful

    If you only know how to say a few things, it's good to know things that are worth saying.

    Also, I should have included до свидания
    Sounds like: "Da svi-dan-iya"
    Means: Good bye.
    I've always had trouble with that.