Saturday, July 27, 2013

Can you hear me now #hashtag

I'm taking a break from my ED 695 summary to ramble about ED 695. We'll see how this works.
[T]he proportion of teachers who report that they sometimes yell in anger at misbehaving students is 37%, with 45% saying they use sarcasm to the same extent. The equivalent data for students who claim that teachers are angry and sarcastic was 64% and 50% respectively.
Quoted from this Article
This article article was one of the more interesting things we've read yet this semester. (That's my endorsement)

So students and teachers mostly agree on when they use sarcasm, but there is a chasm between between students and teachers perceptions about the teacher being angry. How do we bridge this chasm? I have Swiftly designed a Modest Proposal to solve this problem: Get rid of talking.
Think about all the trouble that talking gets us into. How many of us have said something that we regret? We still have to communicate but we now have a way to do it without talking: text. With the proliferation of digital devices, we can move into a world of truly 21st century communication (Noddings would be proud). Now, one might think that texting is a poor substitute for conversation. It is hard to tell someone's tone in a written e-mail. Luckily, we don't live in the 1980's. We've moved beyond the world of monochrome screens. I have already devised a simple color-coded system for typing in emotions.
I'm really happy for you (Happiness, in this case authentic)
I'm really happy for you (Anger, in this case sarcasm)
I'm really happy for you (Sadness, in this case envy)
I'm really happy for you (Conflicted between happiness and sadness)
We would have to create a program that makes it easier to type when we experience conflicted emotions, but I am sure that someone wiser than I could make an app for that. It is also possible that there exists emotions other than Happiness, Sadness, Anger or the three blends of conflicted emotion; I just don't know what they are.
I have laid out the framework. If we can get this system running, before long, every time you go into a public place, all you will see is people gazing intently at their phones and effectively communicating their emotions to the person next to them. That reminds me, I should have added a color for apathy.

Study break is over. Back to work.

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