Thursday, July 4, 2013

Data #hashtag

Data Point 1 => 1 to 16,800,000
If you search for "gregnmath blogspot" not only does my blog show up, but it is the only result. I took the screen shot because I've never seen that happen before. I've never looked something up on Google and gotten one result. It didn't last very long. This evening I tried to repeat the trick and found two results: the main page and the link to the first posting. Sadly, by posting this, I will likely find that a search reveals three results by tomorrow.
If you search for "greg math blogspot" there are slightly more results. By changing an "n" into a space you get sixteen million more results. Luckily, one of them is Greg Mankiw's blog. If you have taken an economics class, there is a thirty-three percent chance that your economics text was written by Mankiw (there are only three intro to macro/micro books in the world). I haven't followed his blog lately, but it is usually pretty interesting.

Data Point 2 => $0.34
I took about ten minutes today during a study break to examine the schedule. With a little help from Excel, I added up all the hours of class, orientation, meetings, brown bag-lunches and field trips. I didn't try to subtract away break time nor add the extra time we get anytime we read an e-mail from faculty or get a question answered after class. The results: the cost of tuition is roughly 34 cents per minute.

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