Friday, July 19, 2013

Poetry 2 #hashtag

The art fair is stupid, but not all artistic expression is a bad thing.

From "The Expanding Unicurse" by 'Blanche Descartes' (1930-ish)

Some citizens of Königsberg
Were walking on the strand
Beside the river Pregel
With its seven bridges spanned.

"O Euler, come and walk with us,"
Those burghers did beseech.
"We’ll roam the seven bridges o’er,
And pass but once by each."

"It can’t be done," thus Euler cried.
"Here comes the Q. E. D.
Your islands are but vertices
And four have odd degree."

From Königsberg to König’s book
So runs the graphic tale
And still it grows more colorful
In Michigan, and Yale.



You just walked away
while I still had cards to play.
Now I'm here in my defeat
The result of your retreat

The game started off real quick
with me picking up the trick.
Unsure of what to read,
I fumbled my next lead.

From there I panicked yet
and much to my regret,
burnt another trump or two
while chasing after you.

Still I had little doubt
that I could stop this rout.
The pair of hearts I could wield;
there was no need to yield.

But next I was dealt
an unexpected welt
when you left without a look,
but with the two cards you took.

Were you ever into this game?
Or was it just your aim
not to play, but to cheat
or just to occupy a seat.

Another chair in your sight?
My table wasn't right,
So you moved on somewhere
to form a better pair.

Or vexed by my mistakes,
you pulled up your stakes,
Giving up because you guessed
that you had seen my best.

I suppose that you would say
it is better not to play
than to painfully lose,
given the option to choose.

But I am stuck at this table
being to completely unable
to start another game anew
with the cards that you withdrew.

You still hold this hand
but I just don't understand
why you just walked away
when I still had cards to play.

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