Monday, December 23, 2013

Data #hashtag

People would rather travel through time than read peoples’ minds. Time travel seems full of potential problems. Let’s say that you could travel back in time and change history. So, you hop in your DeLorean (or take a trip in your Klingon Bird of Prey around the sun) and you travel back in time and do something cliché like kill Hitler. When you travel back to the present, you would return to a world that you would not recognize. Everything would be different. So, even if the world was better from a geopolitical perspective, the life you left behind would most likely be gone.

Over the Thanksgiving Break (Which it seems like people really enjoyed) I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the percentage of people that like pumpkin pie. I guessed less than half. He guessed about 90%. It turns out he was right. Also, I included the pumpkin pie chart.

Richard Lavoie yelled at people, but the vast majority of us would rather hang out with him than Nel Noddings.

There was more crying this semester than last semester. Perhaps other people had a less stressful summer than I. Perhaps during the fall there were the same number of cries per day, but there were just twice as many days during the fall over which to shed them. I was surprised that three-quarters of recipients cried more this semester than during the summer term.

We would rather study alone than with someone else. It’s strange given the social constructivist view of education that we have all been exposed to, we would still rather study by ourselves than in a group.

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