Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Very Pretty #hashtag

Artifact 1: Google Calendar from a random week in October

Explanation. This is a screenshot of my Google calendar. It is from the third week in October. It includes 17 credits of 400+ level classes at, arguably, the most prestigious public university in the Western Hemisphere. It also includes a total of 7 hours of work tutoring a Differential Equations class.
Evaluation. This was the typical week. Eventually, ED 504 dropped of the schedule, but was replaced by meetings for INS videos and the Geometry project.
Application. I, somehow, survived. If I can survive this, I should be in pretty good shape for the rest of my life.

Artifact 2: Google Calendar for next week
Explanation. This is a screenshot of my Google calendar for next week. It includes nothing.
Evaluation. This is identical to my schedule for the following week, too. Number of drives to Ann Arbor over that two week time span? Zero, 0, naught, nil, nada, none, ничего... 
Application. I will now have time to clean the mess that has become of the inside of my car. I might, if I get really motivated, watch a movie. I am going to sleep a lot. I am going to take a day and not touch my laptop. I am going to read on my Kindle and be happy.

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